H Gallery, Paris, October 12 - November 25, 2017

La Salle René Capitant - Mairie du Panthéon, Paris
October 30- November 10, 2017



The link between conceived points -one familiar and one unknown- is the focus of my work as an artist. To experience the perspective shift that occurs between these theoretical points, one must be willing to wander. I believe there is something uniquely exciting and hopeful about states of suspension. Throughout my work, I have focused on obstacles such as screens or synthetic veils in ordinary environments to identify a conceptual space between places. This is my interest, waypoints that are neither here nor there, indicators of what lies beyond yet not quite in reach.


Found Paintings is a series of work I am currently photographing in Paris. Since 2014, I have been making visual records of the temporarily painted windows on businesses and residences as they shift ownership. These fresco-like surfaces are intended to shield us, the public viewer, from the changes occurring inside the space. Every day these windows shift a bit revealing what is taking place within. Workers inside move objects and scrape away at the paint as they brush up against windows; the traces which appear on the outside are altered from moment to moment during the process of rebuilding. 


These photographs, taken from construction sites throughout the city, reveal how unintentional abstract “found paintings” emerge over time. By extension the viewer enters into a dialogue about Paris, a city and culture reeling from the energy of its shifting identity, one deeply etched by the forces of old and new, exterior and interior, remembered and forgotten, ever in transition.